Monday, 14 April 2014

My just kidding

This week we are learning to summarize a story about Just Kidding and we had to record our self on Audio Boo.Today I think I did well in speaking loud and today I think I could have done better in writing my summary a little shorter.


  1. Yeeha! Love it Hine. I think you should try and take that clicking out of the start. I like how you really spoke loudly to get that summary in and I know you are not a loud speaker.

    1. Thank's i'm not really a loud speaker.I like that you told me not to click I will work on that.

  2. I think that you have done well so keep up the good work.

  3. Good job Hine !!!!!!!!!! I think that you need to speck clearer and I know that your not a loud speaker.

  4. Good job Hine next time Hine you sould speak louder