Friday, 30 May 2014

Room 17 Assembly

On Wednesday Room 17 had and assembly because we didn't get to do our assembly I think I should do better at using the main parts in the story.I did well at using good words.

On Wednesday it was room 17's assembly. Maurice and Mihi done the karakia and mihi it was good.After some of the children had a turn to speak on the microphone when it was my turn Herby was the introducer and I handed the yellow caught being goods out when I read out the names I was shy. We had a great group of girls dancing Liona, Waimarama, Journey, Mihi and Kiana  and I was the DJ they called me DJ Hine. Then we had another group of talented girl and boys doing the bongo's Maurice,Dale,Lerisah joe and Coby.  Our class was sitting beautifully and patient. I think room 17 done well on our assembly I think room 17 rocks. I felt proud when I was sitting on stage.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

My bio poem.

This is my bio poem and I hope you like it.

Today Room 17 were writing a bio poem I think I done well at writing lots of describing words but I think I could have done better at using less words.

is clever, bossy, nice and friendly
daughter of Mihi and Haki
love’s to sing, dance, read  
sometimes I feel surprised,exciting and sneaky
is afraid of  dog’s,robbers and home work
achieved a certificate  in sport’s,some sports equipment at a disco,
want to be a famous singer, and do sky diving ,
live Kaikohe
thinks weta is the best.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Fundraising for my cousin’s trip to Italy.

WALT recount an exciting event so that our reader knows what happened and how we felt.

It was 6.00 on Saturday morning I woke and got dressed.   “Nana,nana is the cake ready yet?”I yelled sitting on the seat.  I could smell the delicious smell from out of the oven. the cake was ready. “Can I make the icing?”I asked.  
"Yes”replied nana. I put all the ingredients in and started to mix. it was fun.

Me and my cousin,Te Awe and Haki dashed to the van and hopped in. I was bursting for air while nana was walking  slowly down the veranda with the cake. we drove to the market in Kawakawa.

“Hine come and help put up the store”yelled nana.  I felt giggly and silly because the gazebo leg hit my shoulder .

“Mum aunty” I screamed.  I felt surprised when my mum and aunty had arrived  I cuddled them both. Before the market had started we had to take out the bbq. It was really heavy, when we finished my hands felt numb.

When the market had finished I slowly walked to the van when everyone hopped in. I felt tired on our way home and we listened to some soft music.