Thursday, 15 May 2014

My bio poem.

This is my bio poem and I hope you like it.

Today Room 17 were writing a bio poem I think I done well at writing lots of describing words but I think I could have done better at using less words.

is clever, bossy, nice and friendly
daughter of Mihi and Haki
love’s to sing, dance, read  
sometimes I feel surprised,exciting and sneaky
is afraid of  dog’s,robbers and home work
achieved a certificate  in sport’s,some sports equipment at a disco,
want to be a famous singer, and do sky diving ,
live Kaikohe
thinks weta is the best.


  1. Hine your very right that WETA is the best, because we are the best. I'm afraid of homework too. I'm clever but I think that you are as clever as me. Your poem is great!!!!!

    1. Well thank you Kirihiria

  2. Hi Hine,I like the way you done your bio poem with the intrersting language like bossy nice like to sing dance and read. from Shacay