Friday, 6 June 2014

My Successful Recount

This week Room 17 had to write a story about a time that they felt proud. I think I done well on hooking the reader in and I need to get better at starting a sentence with different starting's.

WALT write an introduction to a recount that captures our audiences interest.
Success Criteria  
- have you used a hook?
- included the main parts (just stated no detail YET!)
- great words used (powerful verbs, specific nouns, great adjectives)

Go wider Go wider”!!!Miss Wihongi yelled.It was Tuesday afternoon and I was at fire brigade cup when we were practising 3’s and up, and to touch people with two hands. We got in a group of three or four when I was running behind Daniel he yelled. “Hine catch”. So ran up and he passed me the ball when I ran Keishana tried to touch me but I ran away when I was close to the try line I heard everyone cheering for me. I ran with a big smile on my face and I scored. When I ran past the finish line and all my friends came to me and hugged me or patted me on the back I had a little smile but I didn't show it. That was the time I felt successful.

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